November 8, 2009




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    November 8, 2009

      Talk with the news paper

    1. open up the news paper and go to the part where it asks your to give questions
    2. open the questions and press send(nothing has to be written)
    3. go back to the front of it and press tab

    Throw snowballs rapidly

    1. Press T on your keyboard fast

    How to get 2 or more puffles without being a member

    1. Log into club penguin at two or more computers at the same time
    2. bye two puffles on both computers and log into club penguin again with just one computer(can work with money)

    Get rockhoppers friendship braclet

    1. Go to the book room and open up the stowaway
    2. go to the end of the book and there it is

    Get rockhoppers secret pin

    1. Go to the book room and open up rockhoppers journal
    2. Go to the end of the book

    Make graphics low definition

    1. Press – or = on your keyboard

    Talk fast

    1. Press J on your keyboard

    Puffle tricks

    1. Red-play surfing with you
    2. Pink-play aqua grabba
    3. Purple-play dance contest

    Walk on room pathways

    1. Go to any place in club penguin eg:Town,Plaza,dock
    2. Press on any pathway and quickly open your mail box

    Secret agent quiz answers

    1. honest
    2. Being mean or rude
    3. Report them
    4. Saying thier address
    5. I want to keep Club Penguin safe
    6. I want to help other penguins

    How to wave fast

    1. Press W on your keyboard

    Swear On club Penguin Without getting banned

    1. OK all you have to do is put spaces between your letters

    eg:F U C K, S H I T

    Money CheaTs

    November 8, 2009

    Earn more coins on bean counters

    1. Press on bean counters and when your just about to play press your home icon
    2. press ok and play till you loose all your lives
    3. The money that you earned should keep coming up(this does not work anymore club penguin has fixed it)

    how to get the mullet in ice fishing

    1. Play ice fishing and go to the end
    2. Keep a fish on your line and wait till you see him in the background
    3. Catch him with that fish and you should have an extra 100 coins

    How to earn double the coins you got

    1. Log into club penguin on two computers
    2. Play any games for as long as you want on two computers
    3. when you finnished log off then on with only one computer

    Earn a couple of coins with puffles

    1. Red-play surfing and he will get you an extra point each time you do a trick
    2. purple-Gets you and extra point when your playing dance contest
    3. Pink-gives yo an extra air bubble in aqua grabber
    4. Yellow-play dj with you


    November 8, 2009


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      Club Penguin Pin Tracker


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    November 8, 2009

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